Our Products

Full Color Defense sells COLOR concealed displays for arguably the best automotive radar detector on the market, the Valentine One.  Our displays improve the functionality of the Valentine One by making it easier to read using color.  Color allows the driver to quickly identify threats without taking their eyes off the road.     

You must have a V1 main unit in order to use our displays as they are accessories only.  Learn more about the Valentine One at www.valentine1.com

Our Story

I started Full Color Defense in 2008 after upgrading my own V1 display to color and being extremely satisfied with the increased performance.  After receiving enormous amounts of positive feedback from others I realized many people shared my annoyance with the all-red V1.  I decided to start my own business and FCD was born.  

Today, I still carefully craft each display by hand here in the USA.   Call or email and you will talk directly with me.  I've never had a dissatisfied customer to date.  Thank you for your interest!

Matt - founder of FCD

Why Color?

The stock Valentine One display is completely RED making it difficult to read quickly.  As radar detector users know, there is a big difference between a likely X-band false alarm and a likely high-threat LASER alarm.  FCD's unique color band identifier can add crucial seconds to your reaction time and help keep your eyes on the road.  

Have a concealed display already?

We offer upgrade services for your existing Valentine One concealed display.  Purchase the upgrade service and follow the instructions you receive to send your display to us for upgrading.  We'll return your display as a FCD color display and even customize to your liking.  Our turnaround time is typically 1-2 business days after receiving your display!    

What is a V1 "concealed display"?

A Valentine One concealed display is an accessory to the main Valentine One (V1) radar detector allowing the drive to move the detector's display to the location of their choice within the vehicle.  By default, the display is able to mount directly to the V1 cigarette lighter power adapter.  Others custom mount the display in their rear view mirror, gauge cluster  or on their dashboard.  Using the concealed display will turn off the main unit's display making it more stealthy to the driver's behind you.  See more information at www.valentine1.com  

Customer Testimonials

"I couldn't be happier with my upgraded concealed display from Full Color Defense. Matt was fantastic to deal with from start to finish and the turnaround was lightning fast. Anyone looking for an upgraded Valentine One concealed display look no further than FCD. Thanks again Matt!"    Mike - Boston, MA

"I sent my Concealed Display to FCD.  Matt received it Friday evening, mailed it back on Saturday and I had it early Monday morning.  I couldn't be happier with the quality of his workmanship and the customer service he provided me answering all of my questions with almost instant replies.  If you haven't ordered yours yet, you're missing out. Thanks Matt!"   Liam - Huron, OH