Do you offer custom color schemes? - A: Yes! Contact us here with your idea and to see if there area any price differences. 

Can you change the arrows color? -  A: Unfortunately no.


What is the turn-around time for upgrade services? - Your display will return ship in 1-2 business days after receiving it.

Where do I send my display? - After purchasing the upgrade service you will recieve a confirmation email with instructions for shipping your display to FCD.

Do you offer custom color schemes for the V1 concealed display? - A: YES! Threat band and strength meter colors can be customized, please click here to contact us.

Can you upgrade the strength meter as well? - A: YES! Please see our PREMIUM displays or PREMIUM conversion service here.

Can you upgrade the V1 main unit display as well? - A: Unfortunately there are some technical issues that prevent this.

Can you change the arrows color?   A: Unfortunately no.

Can you slim the display?   A: Unfortunately no.


All new products can be returned with  30 days from purchase.  Please contact us with any questions!